Friday, September 25, 2015

Class Reflection 1

The classes I am doing well in are Advisory, Math, and Biology. I am doing well in these classes because I do well on my homework and class work. I am also take notes to study for when we have a quiz, or test. In order to continue to do well in the class I need to continue to do my mastery challenges and and take good notes. I am using the habit of responsibility because I am responsible and do my work on time. I like advisory because I am able to do my homework if I have not finished it or do the homework for that day. The classes I need to do better in are English, Cultural Geography, and P.E. I need to improve in English on my homework because the teacher checks on correctness. I need to do some extra credit to be able to improve my grades a little more. I need to do the extra credit she assigned on the vocabulary presentation. I need to improve Cultural Geography because I have not been participating on my own. I need to start participating more to bring my oral  participation grade up because right now I have an F. I need to try to improve P.E by putting for effort in the exercising and warm ups. I could use the habit of effort and confidence to try and bring my grades up. I also like Learning Lab because I am able to do my mastery challenges and do my assignments in khan. I am also able to get good grades in math because on Learning Lab. Learning Lab supports us on how to solve the math problems and gives us warm ups to practice. I have extra programs such as tech bridge and students in action. I like students in action because I am able to meet knew people and help out the community. I like tech bridge because of the different activities we do in the program. I specially liked the activity were we decorated our notebook with magazines and lights.